How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garden

As a gardener, you will want to protect your prized seedlings from the curious snouts, claws, and paws of domestic dogs. Your dog will surely want to explore for scents so subtle of the newly turned soil. Also, your dog is attracted by the tenderness of new growth as well as the sweetness of sun-ripened fruit. Many gardeners don’t know how to keep a dog out of a garden bed. That’s why we’re here to help you look for a solution in order to protect the tender shoots of your rhubarb, your fragile and rare plants, as well as your sweet & juicy strawberries.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garden

Erecting Barriers

Set up a fence

This may be the simplest way to keep dogs out of your garden. You will need to pay to get a fence installed professionally. Also, you can put up one yourself. There are many choices for you as one made from wood, mesh, or wire. It’s easy to find them at your local home repair store.If you have small dogs, you need a 16” fence. And, if you own large dogs, you will need a taller one or one with a top-enclosure.

Use plant barriers

If it’s hard to look for a traditional fence, consider using plants to form a barrier around your garden. It’s best to choose sturdy plants or shrubs for this. There are many tall sturdy plants such as coneflower, peony, Russian sage, verbena, black-eyed Susans, or Mexican primrose. Another way to keep your dog out of the garden is planting a barrier of marigolds. The fact is that your dog doesn’t like the marigold’s smell.

Use gravel or mulch to make a barrier

The texture of gravel and mulch can be able to against your dog’s paws. So, they don’t like them. That’s why you should consider creating a mote-like barrier around your garden. You can find mulch at most hardware stores.It’s best to choose one made from pinecones. And, it’s easy to find gravel at many hardware stores as well as greenhouses. You should look for rocks with rough edges.

Deterring Dogs with Scents and Tastes

Apply vinegar or apple bitter on vegetables

It’s said that white vinegar or apple bitter can be able to repel dogs and other creatures. So, you can fill them after watering. It’s easy to purchase white vinegarat most grocery stores. Also, you can easily find apple bitterat most pet stores.

Sprinkle some spices

Your dog won’t be attracted by strong smelling herbs and spices. So, it’s great to sprinkle spices around the perimeter. By this way, you can keep dogs out of the garden. To do this, you need to put 1 tsp of powdered spices for per square foot. After you water, you need to repeat this. You can use mustard powder or red pepper flakes. Using the mixture of them is also a good idea. You can easily buy spices at most grocery stores.

Place potatoes or orange peels around your garden

These items are repulsive to dogs. So, you can keep them out of the garden by placing these foods around your garden. The thing you need to do is leaving potatoes in your pantry for about three weeks. Next, you need to place them in your garden.

Using Other Natural Methods

Install a motion-activated sprinkler

This operates whenever there is any animal entering the garden. They can deter dogs, deer, cats, and other unwanted animal intruders.You have to pay from $35 to over $100 for motion activated sprinklers. We recommend you to choose the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler. It costs $60.

Build a dog path

This is also a great way when your dog walks in your garden frequently. It’s best to make a path right through the middle.  Or, you can also make a path for your dog nearby. In order to create a pleasant dog-friendly path, consider using outdoor carpet, step stones, or soil/sand mixture.

Create a dog-friendly space

By providing your dog a better space to play, you can prevent him from the garden. You should keep your dog with you in the yard. This way purposes to keep your dog happy and enjoy his company. You need to choose a play as well as give him enough space to play and relax.

Train your dog

Another way to keep your dog out of the garden is training him not to enter the garden. You should think about formal obedience training for your dog. Don’t forget to praise him when he doesn’t enter the garden. It’s best to give him a treat. Even when your dog forgets and enters the garden, you shouldn’t yell or have any physical threats. But, to train your dog, you need to be consistent and patient throughout this process.