Safety in toilet

25percent of all accident have happen in toilet but we can control a risk and desire our toilet to be safe.Light should have enough for children and elder.

  1. Mirror should be unbreakable and durable or frail.
  2. The door should be easy to break and can enter outside in case of emergency.
  3. A haggling should set on line of sight to prevent an unforeseen accident.
  4. The bathtub should be rough or set a slipper guard to prevent an accident and easy to clean.

  1. Place a L holder that can hold 100 Kilogram around bathtub for elder
  2.         If you want carpets in toilet. Carpets should sustain to water and easy to clean
  3. The boiler must be saved and can set the temperature. Temperature must be 30 C to prevent danger from elder and children user.
  4. All electronic equipments such as plug switch must have breaker in case of electronic circus
  5. If the boiler is set in moisture or wetting place. Boiler must have a good quality and breaker.
  6. Shouldn’t use any electronic object while in the bathtub to prevent fatal   accident.
  7.         Toilet floor is easy to slip when wet, especially nature stone.
  8. By placing falling guards decrease a chance of accident.
  9. Shampoo or plastic bottles are easy to get mold, cleaning is important.