Living room decorating ideas

  Living room is the one of the most important room when you have a meeting or guests. A living room reflects the personality of owner instantly. The most considering decorate a living room is a atmosphere that should be Relax and comfortable for guests. We have a little tip for decoration for a living room.

  1. The wall should be paint by a light tone color so it will be blend with other furniture. The white tone color has a clear feeling that is a factor for a living room.
  2. The interior furniture should be useful than a number of furniture. The furniture that can’t miss is sofa. You should consider a sofa with refinement not only the size of sofa but the style of sofa can reflect owner taste and style. Normally a sofa position is set toward television but sometime is set toward to the window.
  3. In case your common furniture are basic color. You may put a colorful pillow, carpet or picture

(Picture should be a delightful picture more than depression and hate.

  1. Increase your room with charm by put a water fall model or flower vase in the corner of the room to impress your guests.
  2. Your room should have enough of light and don’t put a gloomy lamp, guests might feel uncomfortable as same as the air in the room that must be ventilating.
  3. Mirrors help improve room spacing but in the living room shouldn’t have many mirrors.

            In case of living room in condominium or apartment might be hard to expend or decoration due to limited spacing. You might reconsider size of furniture. Example you do want to buy a sofa  but you have limited space so you buy a sofa that can change into bed.