Fire Extinguishers ? Best in the Case of Small Fire Mishap

Fire Extinguishers are your foremost protection in opposition to your fire accidents at home. Fire extinguishers are supposed to be used only to extinguish little, controlled fires as it can’t be used during large and spreading fire mishap.

The fire accidents are mainly caused when put on paper, wood, burning liquids and electrical equipments.  Fire Extinguishers can only extinguish the small fire on paper, wood, burning liquid and electrical fires.

Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires. Having a fire extinguisher at home is not only important but it’s important to see the kind of fire extinguisher present. Even while purchasing a fire extinguisher we should be very careful about the model and the kind of extinguisher. There are even single use extinguishers available in the market today.

Having a fire extinguisher is the safest way rather than to keep waiting for the fire guard to come out for help because it takes long time for them and till then a fire extinguisher can be of a little help. Posted in Home tips