Container Gardening – Flowers

The world would be a much different place, without the beauty of flowers. Children can contribute to the beauty of nature, while learning at the same time, by planting their own container garden of flowers.

There are many, many kinds of container gardens. They can be as unique as each child who creates them. Large planting areas are not necessary. In fact, a container garden can consist of just one container. They are not expensive to create.

There are several interesting variations of container gardens besides planting in an ordinary container, which sits on the ground. Allow children to use their imagination and come up with their own ideas. They can use hanging baskets, trellises or other types of vertical support (along with the actual container) and window boxes.

Vertical container gardening is a wonderful option for children living in urban areas or apartments. They can grow their gardens ‘up’ instead of ‘out’, in a very small space. This works best for vining flowers, such as passion flowers, morning glories and star jasmine.

There are many edible flowers, which are well suited for container gardens. They include: violas, pansies, carnations and nasturtium. Consult your library or local bookstore, for an extensive list of other edible flowers. There are many wonderful books, on the market, in regard to this subject. Most include colorful pictures, which makes edible flower identification very easy.

Flower petals are wonderful as part of a salad or when used as a cake decoration. . Obviously, no pesticides of any kind should be used on flowers, which will later be eaten.

Some children might enjoy planting a container garden, which includes their favorite color combinations. Whether they choose colors that complement each other or colors that are very different, it’s sure to be an eye pleasing display.

To make their gardening experience even more enjoyable children may want to plant a container garden, which attracts butterflies or hummingbirds. This way, not only will they learn about gardening they will learn about insects or birds, as well.

Hummingbirds are truly amazing to watch. Because they consume more food than their weight, each day, they must visit many gardens. Hanging baskets are an excellent container for this type of garden because they can be place near a window, making it much easier for these tiny birds to be observed.

Hummingbirds are attracted to bright flowers, especially reds, bright pinks and oranges. Other colors can be added in once the hummingbird has become accustomed to visiting its garden. It is recommended that flowers with an extended blooming period, be used.

The prefer tube shaped or trumpet like blossoms. Wonderful choices for a hummingbird garden include: day lilies, fuchsia, geraniums, honeysuckle and zinnias.

Almost any type of container can be used, for a container garden. Everything from ceramic pots, small barrels, old wagons, tire stacks, terrariums, baskets, wooden crates, old shoes and toy dump trucks have been used for this purpose.

Some creative gardeners have even gone as far as using an old bath tub or even the kitchen sink.